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Shankh vastu is a traditional art of correcting the energy flaws of the house, office, factories, environment, etc.

Shankhs have the power to make the environment positive and soothing.

It also has the potential to clear all the lower energies from the surroundings. Therefore in old times it was a ritual to blow a shankh everyday to clear the space.

With the help of a pendulum we check the energies, stagnation, flaws and flow of energies of the place.

Then using this knowledge, correct the flaws by placing the shankhs in required places to direct the energies in the correct direction; and in case of stagnation, get smooth energy flow in the correct directions.

It is also used to block the energies coming from particular areas, which is not benefiting us. For example, if your house in front of a graveyard. Naturally the energy will flow from the graveyard into your house, this could cause a lot of dull and negative energy to flow into your house and affect your house energies, which would affect the state of minds of the people living in it.

Through the placements of shankhs in particular way we can block those energies from entering your home and enhance positive and peaceful energies to flow into the space.
This also helps correcting the vastu of the place – home or office, to attract success, happiness, abundance and opportunities and much more.

This enables to maintain a positive and healthy environment to live in; increase and enhance and financial growth and stability; bring peace, love and harmony in the relationships; maintain an spiritual environment to enhance the psychic abilities and intuitions; to keep the place protected and safe; to have an steady flow of beautiful cosmic energies into the place; for overall peace and happiness; to make life a gift – beautiful place worth living.


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